The First 3D Bitcoin Game!

The Future of Bitcoin Gaming is here, Bitcoin Wars is a 3D Modular Multiplayer Bitcoin Game designed to incorporate many game styles over time, there will never be a dull moment in Bitcoin Wars!
From classic arcade style games, to Battle Royale's and MMORPG's, we're here to put it all in one, with a Revolutionary take on Gaming!

Interactive Lobbies

Unlike many modern day games, Bitcoin Wars uses interactive lobbies in between modular games for maximum enjoyment!

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Closed Alpha Rewards

The Closed Alpha Registrations have ended and the countdown to release has begun!

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Battle Royale

Shoot your way to fortune in a Bitcoin Battle Royale Game! With up to 1000 players per match, in a thrill-seeking and exhilarating game of skill, you can win big by conquering all your enemies!

Tower Defense

Need a change of pace? Try our Tower Defense Game during the Public Alpha
With an all new and unique 3D perspective, you can experience an all-time classic game, in a new a completely new way!